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Requirements for “professional books”

iCardbook will support active learners and people who want to think and learn about their lives, groping their way in a transitional society.

How can iCardbook do that?

iCardbook is a card-type professional books optimized for reading on smartphones.

Here, the conditions of “professional books” that Shisousha(詩想舎) think of are as follows.

■Requirements for "professional books"

・ Essential: Be prepared to respond to "What is the authority of this description?"

Clarification of authority in the text
List of references

・ Preferable: Index term list

■academic books vs professional books

As long as the above conditions are met, not only academic books but also enlightenment books and introductory books should be called professional books.


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Aim of iCardbook
・Responding to changes in the “reading” environment
・Responding to changes in the "learning" view
・Renewal and restart of the “Knowledge Ecosystem” is necessary for the human society in the transition period