■iCardbook Benefits:Good value for reading

・you can read it quickly in your pocket of time, e.g. commuting
・You can immediately understand the "drawing " in the author's head
・Amazon Prime members can read for free

■What is iCardbook?

iCardbook is a card-type specialized book consisting of about 100 pieces of "knowledge card".

"knowledge card" consisting of [Card title + text + references (Books, papers, Web articles, etc.) with hyperlink + footnotes] provides visualizes the knowledge network.

You can read the "design drawing" of professional books during your pocket of time from mobile devices such as smartphones. iCardbook is support kit for an Active Learner

"i" for iCardbook is "i" for inspire, intelligent and innovative.
・Writing that inspires intellectual travelers
・Intelligent writing that invites them to "the world of knowledge" that broaden concern and interest
・Innovative writing that renovates the ecosystem of knowledge.
That's iCardbook.

Greetings and objective of iCardbook's establishment

Support for Active Learner: "i" for iCardbook is "i" for inspire, intelligent and innovative.


Writing that inspires intellectual travelers, intelligent  writing that invites them to "the world of knowledge" that broaden out of concern and interest, innovative writing that renovates the ecosystem of knowledge. That's iCardbook.


In the background to the launch of "iCardbook", there is a recognition that there is a "Homo sapiens" society at the transitional period that will occur once in hundreds or, maybe thousands of years.

Tens of thousands of years ago, We went out of Africa. Thousands of years ago, We shifted from a moving hunter-gatherer society to a domiciliation society society. We felt the same change of the scale as these time had begun to take place in the human society through the Industrial Revolution and the Information Revolution. Our intelligence is now exploring the shape of a new society.

It is iCardbook to have been born to support the grope of intellectual travelers in the "transition" society.

・Codex vs iCarddbook

The current book form called codex, which is called "成書(seisho)" in Japan is characterized by a “closed system” , It can be said that using this feature, the author attempts to persuade the reader centering on the reasonability using a certain amount of time by the last page.

And readers will enjoy the pleasure of being organized and ordered in their head while reading.

In contrast, iCardbook is one service with a built-in device that is "open" to readers' concern and interest. Because the knowledge card is open to Google search engine by unit. Through Google search that started from their own interests or concern, people know the existence of "knowledge card" and the existence of reference books listed on "knowledge card".

Of course, readers of iCardbook know there is a surprising "world of knowledge" ,
thanks to the bibliography. In addition to that, people who did a Google search discover there is an unexpected "world of knowledge" around their interests or concern.

It is a new form of book that directs the encounter between books and readers (= Serendipity)."iCardbook" will support active learners who are thinking and learning own life in the "transition" society.

・Serendipity in the age of IoT

Various things (objects) connected to the Internet in the 21st century, and by exchanging data and information between things, realizing a service that never existed before. We are at the entrance of IoT (Internet of Things ) era.

In the era of goods calling data and information circulation. Why do books only continue to exist as a closed system? It is urgent to build a book-as-a-service world, with books and books calling each other.

However, there is a fundamental difference between networking of things and networking of books.

The exchange of data and information between things is actually only the distribution of symbols. It can embody the networking of things, but is necessary to "read" in the networking of books.

It becomes possible only by "reading" that the sign becomes information, action and experience are added to it, becoming knowledge there, and It will sublime to wisdom for the society. On the premise of that "reading", It is necessary to prepare a solution for the needs of "Where is this written? " .

Already in the English-speaking(reading) world, activities have been started to achieve this (eg GoogleBooks or Portable Web Publications).


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