Ship of Theseus and Human Bodies

There is a similar thing in our bodies. The molecules of human bodies are replaced every day at the level of cells (components) that make up the human body (ship). An American physicist Feynman called it "the dance of atoms". *1

Intelligence cannot be reduced only to the body. It always has informational and structural aspects, which is the mind that becomes intelligence. In other words, Intelligence always has both physical and informational aspects, which suggest a difficult problem for uncovering intelligence.

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「進化と知能」 A.I.FM講演 、三宅陽一郎、二〇一三年

*: "Because atoms in brain are constantly replacing, so previous atoms are gone. So what is our mind? In other words, what are these conscious atoms? It's atom of food we ate last week. And amazingly, even though these atoms have already been replaced, we can remember exactly what happened in my mind a year ago. "(Quoted from What Do You Care What Other People Think? By Feynman)

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