Cartesian View of the World

It is a Cartesian way of thinking to consider "artificial intelligence" as a "thinking being." *

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was born after the 1950s, and it can be said that the development of AI has been made almost in Cartesian view of the world surrounding it. As a result, artificial intelligence has been confined to the frame of the thinking existence.

However, this is not true for organisms living in reality. In order to restore the living world to artificial intelligence, we need to break free from the Cartesian view of the world surrounding it.

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*: Descartes throws away skeptical things in order, and at the end he supposes, "I do not really exist, or do I?" However, he thinks the existence of himself who is thinking is undeniable, from which he concludes, "I think, therefore I am." Descartes made this proposition as the starting point of his own thinking system. As the name suggests, Descartes's book Discours de la méthode (Discourse on the Method) was to be an introduction to his academic system, but due to the influence of the trial of Galileo Galilei and so on, he refrained from publishing the subsequent books on scientific system, Discourse on the Method became an independent book. [Editorial department]

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