The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Since the Dartmouth workshop, artificial intelligence has aimed at giving human intelligence to machines.

It is not certain now whether it was a huge computer or a large-scale machine that they called "a machine" at that time. If we think it as a computer, it means a calculation intelligence, and if a large-scale machine, it means giving intelligence to an object that has a body.

And the two will have quite different meanings. Artificial intelligence on computers tends to be function-specific artificial intelligence. In other words, it is artificial intelligence that specializes in one function. On the other hand, the latter is general-purpose artificial intelligence, that is, natural and overall intelligence. And this hurdle is a high one.

In order to overcome the high hurdle, it is necessary to think about building a fundamental basis, and it is essential to evolve from a Cartesian frame to a phenomenological basis.

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