Discourse on the Method of Reasoning

著者: Rene Descartes
出版社: Blurb
ISBN : 9780368731280

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It is best known as the source of the famous quotation "Je pense, donc je suis" (English: "I think, therefore I am", or "I am thinking, therefore I exist"), which occurs in Part IV of the work. A similar argument, without this precise wording, is found in Meditations on First Philosophy (1641), and a Latin version of the same statement Cogito, ergo sum is found in Principles of Philosophy (1644).

Descartes approaches the subject of skepticism in philosophy by throwing away all preconceived notions of reality and building up from a base of truths he found to be incontrovertible. It is from this work that we find one of Descartes’ most famous quotations “I think, therefore I am.” This phrase alone probably best exemplifies what Descartes believed to be an incontrovertible truth.

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"The text is a multidimensional space, and there, the various Ekritule are connected and challenged, none of which originates. The text is a woven fabric of quotes that came from countless cultural centers."(Lauren Barth "Death of the Author" "Structural Analysis of the Story")


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■References list of "AI meets Philosophy:how to design the Game AI"


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