How does Character AI recognize the surroundings while moving around?

Understanding Knowledge Representation

Characters in the game world can move freely with a “Knowledge Representation” method, weaved into themselves. Knowledge Representation is a form of expression, which enables computer to manipulate human’s knowledge within AI. The idea of “Affordance”, proposed by a famous founder of ecological psychology Gibson, offers a lot of suggestions when introducing this form of expression into the game world.

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Affordance is the “meaning”, which environment gives to animals. It represents the "meaning" that the environment holds, and valuable for such animals. It is a coined word by a perceptual psychologist from the United States, James Gibson, and is the idea that constitutes the basis of ecological optics and ecological psychology.

In life history, people read the "meaning" in the environment through physical experiences. However, AI does not well-recognize the world directly. Accordingly, an idea that human beings determine the form of knowledge over an object, and the knowledge is replaced for recognition by giving its content to AI in advance, has emerged. A method to realize this process is Knowledge Representation.

For instance, people recognize the knowledge on apple such as "red", "sweet", "round", "light", "edible", and "white inside when cut", convert it into data, and have it tagged. AI recognizes and understands apples by this.

Aspects of “exercise” and “decision” can be described as follows. There is a box in the room, for example. People let the box have the information, that it is "moveable", and the vector (direction) where to push to move it. Similarly, if people have a switch, they can "push" it, and give information about what will happen to the "Switch" object itself. Using this information about behavior capacity, AI can be operated in the game world. (Entities – iCardbook |

How does character AI recognize surroundings and be allowed to move in the game world? I'll introduce reference (books) that explains affordance theory and knowledge representation as a means of implementation.

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【Reference (books) List】

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The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception (Psychology Press & Routledge Classic Editions)
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Global Edition (English Edition) 3rd Edition
・Character Planning/

・Affordance and KR (Knowledge Representation)/

・KR (Knowledge Representation)/
・Affordance and KR (Knowledge Representation)/
・Affordance and Games/


◎This is a listing of Reference "Chapter 6: Environmental Awareness, Action and Artificial Intelligence" of 'Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intellect (Youichiro Miyake)'.


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