How to make Character AI?

How to make Character AI

Characters live in a game world. The Character AI that drives them requires two perspectives as an approach to building artificial intelligence, which are information science and ecological perspectives.

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There are two types of AI: 'Correct AI' which is always required to be accurate in the field of finance, law and medical care, and 'Fun AI' which makes our everyday lives more enjoyable and convenient. AI, which moves characters that live in the story of an eye robot or game, falls into the latter category.

We need an informatics and an ecological perspective to build artificial intelligence, but AI is the product of programming. Therefore, ordinary people may think that it would be sufficient to be explored as a field of information science that deals with things that can be realized in programming based on mathematical logic, such as reasoning, deductions, decision making, and learning. However, this is not enough to create artificial intelligence. At the very least, he says, there is no way we can put a character AI into action. Why?

In the 21st century, 3D technology was introduced into the world of digital games. As a result, the programmers of game characters began to build, through their bodily nature, the intelligence that moves in the game world, in short, an artificial intelligence with a body to experience. In this case, it is necessary to clarify the intelligence as a body that gains contacts with the world in such ways as eating, living, and reproducing. That's the ecological perspective.

The approach to create artificial intelligence that starts with the question of what subjectivity an organism has is the ecological perspective. It's intended to give artificial intelligence a "subjective worldview", but this is where the concept of "ring world" comes into play.

Here are some useful references (books) for building character AI from an ecological perspective.

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【Reference (books) List】

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AI for Game Developers: Creating Intelligent Behavior in Games
・Objective Approaches and Scripted AI/
A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and Humans
・Approaches called "Umwelt(Environment World)" that Gives an Organism Subjectivity/
・Physicality and the Subjective World of Organisms/
・Umwelt(Environment World)/

Game Engine Architecture, Third Edition
・Digital Games and Artificial Intelligence/
Umwelt und Innenwelt der Tiere (Classic Reprint) (German Edition)
・Approaches called "Umwelt(Environment World)" that Gives an Organism Subjectivity/
・Physicality and the Subjective World of Organisms/
・Umwelt(Environment World)/

Programming Game AI by Example (Wordware Game Developers Library)
・Objective Approaches and Scripted AI/
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Global Edition (English Edition) 3rd Edition

Das allmächtige Leben
・Funktionskreise (Functional Circuit) and Umwelt(Environment World)/
・Environment Recognition Ability and Planning Ability/

・Characters and Organisms /
・Environment Recognition Ability and Planning Ability/

・Artificial Intelligence and Umwelt(Environment World)/
・Characters and Organisms /
・Artificial Intelligence and Umwelt(Environment World)/
・Carrier of an effect/
・The Uniqueness of the Body and Carrier of an effect/


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