Body Image

Human beings have images of various things. This means the recollection of the simplest meaning of something.

Body Image is an image that our consciousness has of the body. Bergson explains that Body Image is a special image among all of the images. This is because Body Image is the only image that we can experience from the inside. His perspective was inherited by Merleau-Ponty in Phenomenology.

■References (Books, papers, Web articles, etc.)
Matter and Memory  Henri Bergson  Martino Fine Books (February 6, 2011)
人工知能のための哲学塾 第五回 「メルロ=ポンティの知覚論」資料 三宅陽一郎 P.55

*: Image is a key word of this book. Bergson states that "Here, the image is an image in the vaguest sense, which is perceived when I awaken my senses, and is not perceived when I shut down my senses. The image is not an objective real thing, nor a representation that is arbitrarily imagined by subjectivity. Rather, it is a concept in the middle of both, so to speak", and also states that "Among the images, there is something that has a completely different and unique traits. It is a body. A body is also an image we perceive. But at the same time, we perceive other images through the body. This means that we are constantly perceiving various images in a correlation with the body, or within the limits of our physical capabilities." (出典:苫野一徳Blog(哲学・教育学名著紹介・解説): Matter and Memory [Editorial department]

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