Co-ordination of senses and movements

In order to generate advanced movements, the co-ordination of senses and movements is necessary.

In order to enable a movement, it is required to accordingly collect necessary information from its perception. *

What is happening here is a certain reversal phenomenon where movements control the senses. This is the role of intelligence.

This combines the four levels of "four generation stages of the movement," while adjusting the body using the information of both the sense to the outside and the sense to the body, and thus the entire movement is generated.

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*: For example, a basketball player who throws a ball at a goal post generates a movement, while collecting information from the surroundings through dribbling and jumping, so that the movement can be corrected at any time. At the point of dribbling, or coming in front of a goal post, or jumping up, the information required at each of those movements are different.

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