The causational factors of infanticide

So, what situations stimulate infanticide? As we gather various reports, we can see some general underlying rules.

First of all, infanticide never occurs in nocturnal prosimians and species that raise infants in the nest. Also, in species in which infanticide does occur, males are larger than females. In addition, infanticide is most commonly reported in species in which males form groups with multiple females(multiples of both sexes*).

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暴力はどこからきたか——人間性の起源を探る』 第5章 暴力の自然誌―子殺しから戦争まで  山極寿一 (NHKブックス、2007)

*The social structure of primates can be roughly classified into “solitary,” “pair” (consisting of a male and a female), “polygynous” (consisting of a single male and multiple females), “polyandrous” (consisting multiple males and a single female), or “multiples of both sexes” (consisting of multiple males and females). Of these, “multiples of both sexes” is a mating system in which both males and females in a group have sexual relationships with multiple partners.

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