Elucidating the society of Japanese macaques

Using Imanishi’s methodology, Jun’ichiro Itani* found structures in the group of Japanese macaques. He found that macaques have linear dominance hierarchies, that the spatial structure of the group formed double concentric circles, and that there was a strong affinity among relatives.

A macaque group is not just an aggregation of individuals, but each individual has structured “sociality” based on the individual identification between group members.

■References (Books, papers, Web articles, etc.)
高崎山のサル(The Monkeys of Takasaki Mountain)』  伊谷純一郎 (講談社学術文庫、2010)

*The students who worked under Imanishi’s supervision succeeded in the provisioning of Japanese macaques on Takasaki Mountain in Oita, and on Kojima Island in Miyazaki. The first book about Japanese macaque society to be published was written by Jun’ichiro Itani, one of Imanishi’s students. The book, titled The Monkeys of Takasaki Mountain, was published in 1954 as the second volume of A Record of Japanese Animals, edited by Kinji Imanishi. [Editorial note]

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