AI meets Philosophy:

how to design the Game AI

Lead AI Researcher

Youichirou Miyake

Artificial Intelligence must be composed of Engineering, Science and Philosophy.

---Yoichirou Miyake

For a long time, the vision that encompassed AI(artificial intelligence) was a Cartesian one. It was a rational and mechanical vision. However, with that vision, it is not possible to make AI(artificial intelligence) that lives in the world and live the body from the inside. So a new scaffold is needed, and phenomenology is a great hint for it.


Intelligence is the power to design actions in time and space, beyond physical abilities. Plus, intelligence has the conscious realm and the unconscious realm. The Western traditional view of intelligence assumes conscious intelligence, e.g. reasoning and prediction, while in order to build AI for game characters which have the physical body thanks to 3D technologies, first we need to build unconscious intelligence that interprets the world, e.g. the intelligence that is able to think where it can walk or what it can grasp.

AI meets Philosophy:how to design the Game AI

Chapter 1 Intelligence and Umwelt(Environment World)

Chapter 2 What is intelligence?

Chapter 3 Two Ways Of Creating Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 4 Basic Structure of AI

Chapter 5 Uncovering the Structure of Intelligence

Chapter 6 Environmental Awareness, Action and Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 7 Artificial Intelligence for Movement

Chapter 8 Reconstruction of Artificial Intelligence Concept by Phenomenology

Chapter 9 "Agent Architecture" and Phenomenological Artificial Intelligence


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Youichirou Miyake

Lead AI Researcher

Youichirou Miyake has been involved in development of video game titles while researching game AI technologies as the lead AI researcher at game development company. He has developed and designed AI for numerous game titles. He has given many lectures in the universities and game developer conferences. He has published academic papers, which explain game AI and procedural techniques for digital games. Furthermore, he is the chair of the SIG-AI in International Game Developers Association Japan Chapter, and also serves on the board of Digital Game Research Association Japan and the Society of Art and Science. He is the author of the 3 books, Stories on Philosophy for Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence pictures book, and Making a game AI method (published in 2016).

Youichiro Miyake

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