The Symbol Grounding Problem and AI (2)

In front of the diverse possibilities of reality, a symbol is always helpless to cover them entirely, like a small blanket. In other words, there are many different words, but no matter how many symbols you try, you cannot express everything in reality. This is called The Symbol Grounding Problem, the word that indicates the vulnerability of the symbol.

For AI that uses symbols, the more it uses symbols, the more it will suffer from the accumulation of deviations. For example, even when robots are asked to evaluate chairs, they make many errors. AI doesn't understand the meaning of symbols, so manipulating symbols alone is not enough to prevent error accumulations. *

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*: "Thinking about The Symbol Grounding Problem leads to thinking about the problems of what communication is for humans and what kind of existence is language for humans. It also leads to thinking about a series of interesting problems that exist at the core of human communication, such as how human beings acquire language in the first place, how they are building the systems of knowledges using languages.” (Quoted from 『言語と身体性』)

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